Reading Material


After a lovely visit to the Makinos this weekend, I’ve decided on my reading material for our trip. My thirsty-for-life/college roomie Liz lent me this book, “My Life in France” by Julia Child and her grandnephew, Alex. It sounds perfect, all about Julia’s life abroad, food, writing and love (according to the foreword & intro). The book has now gained a reserved spot in my tight luggage.

While it’s not like I can’t read while I’m at home, I unfortunately just don’t really. But I feel that reading is a privileged activity I do while I’m traveling, just like exploring new cities. Looking forward to diving in…I can see myself now, relaxing after long walks or reading on the beaches of Rio…ahh.

Thanks Liz! xoxo

PS: This was the first post I’ve ever written on my phone. How is it? Please excuse any typos.

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