Jardim Paulista

Me shopping for chic plastic shoes at Melissa in Jardim Paulista

This post is being written almost 1 year later from when the experience happened!

Fernando and I did a day of exploring his home town, if one can call their “hometown” the megatropolis of São Paulo – its gigantic! Well, on this day we rode the subway, which is quite nice, and walked walked walked. I had my walking app on…and I think we walked like 9 miles or something. Shocking. Shocking to get so much exercise and not “track it.” Although I was pretty exhausted when we got to the restaurant for family dinner (a post to be featured later).

What did we do?

  • We went to Mercado Municipal for lunch with Fernando’s parents (a post will be featured later) – that was in the historic core of São Paulo
  • We wandered into the top restaurant São Paulo, D.O.M., to check out their menu (we weren’t ready to commit financial suicide for dinner this trip)
  • We walked around the ultrachic/fancy neighborhood of Jardim Paulista – I suppose its like our Beverly Hills.
  • I got to play foreign tourist and shop at Melissa for cool plastic shoes. While Fernando doesn’t like shopping, its fun window shopping and pretend we got gobbs to spend on the most exclusive shopping district in the city. Each big brand has their flagship stores here in Jardim Paulista so its like a sport to just look around. We also visited the Brazilian brands of Chilli Beans and Havaianas. Things are quite $$$$ in Brasil in general, so more looking than buying. We saw “Chinese money” (shoppers from China) by stuff though!
  • In this neighborhood, we stumbled upon a storefront that just specialists in pão de queijo, maybe it was called the casa pão de queijo…anyhow we go some. Fresh.
  • People in Brasil are so nice. We needed to make a call to tell the relatives we’d be meeting them directly at the restaurant for family dinner, but the pay phone was broken. Fernando asked the security guard of a building if he knew where we could find a phone. He was so nice and lent Fernando his cell phone, and was telling us how we believed in karma and to help people out and what not…
  • We got a beer and snack at an old school diner-like place. Was very local and nice. Fernando thought he read about this spot, for the best chopp (drafts).

Whilst traveling now, versus when we were more novice, is just getting lost and wandering around in new cities. Not have much on the agenda, but maybe some experiences (like lets get a beer in this neighborhood…). We love it!

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