Cris and Vila Madalena

OMG! I had these posts pending to be drafted in my inbox at the end of May 2013. Almost a year later, but better late than never!

I really enjoy spending time with Cousin Ana Cristina (Cris) and Raquel. We carved out some of her time, busy with running a business, being a Midwife in Brasil and Activist (huge task advocating for women and the humanization of childbirth)! She’s amazing. She took us around the neighborhood of Vila Madalena. When we travel, I do like to find these artsy, cool neighborhoods. And hey, Cris has her prenatal clinic there! The ‘hood reminded me of Silverlake or Echo Park.


Cris took us to a very local handicrafts/gifts shop in Vila Madalena that was “very Brazilian.” It was filled with colorful arts and lots of handmade items. I bought a set of small rugs in my current favorite color, coral. I love taking a bit of my travels home – now when I see this rug at home, I think of my time there and walking around with Cris.

She took us to this flea market – how did she know I love flea markets? Then, we went to this tiny place for lunch, that specializes in this seafood/fish stew, Moqueca. It was yum. Then, Cousin Raquel came by and we all went out for coffee.

During a separate occasion during our visit, we went to visit Cris’ clinic and then she took us to a cool spot for the best açaí. We sat outside as it was getting dark. While one wouldn’t think of this giant city for cool patios, given that one might think of sky scrapers and such. However, we’ve sat in some really nice patios in the city…and I will fondly remember them.

Thank you Cris & Raquel for spending time with us and showing us that “local side” of the city that makes traveling so memorable.

Reflections (a year later): I drank a ton of coffee during our time in São Paulo. A ton. Tia Tania and Uncle Joaquim had an amazing espresso machine (where we stayed). So you could just keep making it, sipping, and talking. I also drank a lot of beers. That’s all fine and dandy, but little did we know we were pregnant with Maya! We didn’t find out until were in Miami, during our extended layover en route to LA. Oh well, she seems fine now 😉 I found comfort in the idea that many people probably get pregnant over drinks and drink before they know they are pregnant — and I assume the probability is that most of these babies are fine! You can add Maya Nova to this statistic.

Another thing is that blogging is a lot of work! All those links, being witty, images, editing…how do those amazing bloggers with businesses, kids, etc do it? Well, I don’t feel I did justice to this post, yet it is my first post “post” baby so its special.

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