Tia Tania’s Feijoada


Feijoada is a slow-cooked stew with black beans and meats, usually cuts of pork or beef, and beef /pork parts (ears, tail, tongue, feet, ribs) and sausage (linguiça or sometimes morçilla) usually prepared in a clay pot. It is often served with farofa (manoic/yuca/cassava flour, sprinkled on top of the beans), couve manteiga (“butter” collard greens), slices of orange (I just learned it's to cut the effects of the beans :), and white rice. Since it is a labor intensive, national dish, it is generally prepared for weekend family meals. In Rio, they also gave a bit of deep fried pork chunks (like chicharones). The name comes from “feijao” which is the word for beans (not “frijoles,” which I got chuckles for, which is in Spanish).


Tia Tania made the family home cooked feijoada on Sunday. I've had feijoada before in LA, in Rio, but this was my first time having it home cooked and in São Paulo. So I was very excited! The family seems to be on a constant diet, so Tia Tania made it lighter and didn't use all the normal fatty meats. Raquel informed me that our feijoada had: decarne de seca (dried beef), linguiça (it was very tasty), little bit of bacon, onions and garlic, and of course lots of black beans. It was served with salad, couve manteiga (which I love the way Brazilians prepare collard greens, razor-thin shredded and sautéd), white rice, farofa, and decadent salsicha (little sausage) .




Since there was so much feijoada, we ate it for lunch a few days later. This time I tried to be “good” and skipped the rice. I was telling Raquel I think if you just eat feijoada without the rice, since it is rich in protein with a bunch of couve, it is considered low-carb. When Fernando and I were on a low-carb diet, we ate lots of black beans, veggies and some meat (usually chicken). Raquel said if I made it myself then I would know it is not a light dish. Well, I will attempt to make this national dish back in LA sometime to add to our small repertoire of Brazilian cooking (small list includes Brigadero and our version of pão de queijo).

Albeit even if on a diet you still need to have dessert, so we had the left over maracuja pudding de Cris (creamy and sweet, served with the passion fruit's black seeds – but I pick them out) and coconut pudding topped with homemade strawberry preserves that Tania made. Then of course meals are completed with a cafecito or café (single espresso).

Thanks Tia Tania!


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