Visit to Vovô


We arrived to São Paulo via the domestic airport and took at R$40 ride to Aunt Tania, Uncle Joaquim, and Cousin Raquel's house in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena. Waiting for us there was Tania, Joaquim, Fernando's mom (who arrived that morning), and Vovô (Grandpa Bruno). What a nice welcoming.

After we got settled in, we went to Vovô's house. He is 91, strong and independent, lives by himself in a 3 bedroom apartment, drives his own car, is my Facebook friend, and loves visitors. He didn't really sit still when we arrived (like my Mama) and he made us coffee. Then he offered salgados (“salty” stuff – 2 kinds of nuts). Then he offered us Cognac – which Fern sipped with him. Then he got some fruits – he had a mangosteen, a tropical fruit that Pear introduced me to in Hong Kong (hi Pear!). Apparently they are hard to find here and pretty expensive; I've never seen in US. He came out of the kitchen and said they weren't great, so he brought some cut up strawberries. He brought me 1 mangosteen which Fern hasn't tried before. It was nice!

The next day, the family gathered at Vovô's house and we had Brazilian pizza (which I guess is just called Pizza here). Uncle Dudu, Mariana and Luiza arrived from the south, Porto Allegre. We had Chilean wine, courtesy of Uncle Dudu and Mariana, and 3 types of thin crust pizza: Linguiça calabresa, mozzarella and portuguesa (thinly sliced ham and hard boiled eggs) – all topped with some olives (Kamalata? with the pits). Each Tasty! Our pizzas were totally covered with toppings, had no tomato sauce, and to be eaten with a fork and knife. Seems like everyone in general is concerned about eating light and low fat here. Well, the pizzas were thin so it was “light” – practically like having a salad!


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