Favorite Julia Quotes

I mentioned I was reading My Life in France by Julia Child. It is the perfect read for this trip, really. Thanks again Liz! Here is one of my favorite quotes from Julia in the book, in reference to her husband Paul:

Travel, we agreed, was a litmus test: if we could make the best of the chaos and serendipity that we'd inevitably meet in transit, then we'd surely be able to sail through the rest of life together just fine.

I couldn't agree more. Marriage is a journey, I think ours goes well if not even better when we are traveling.

As we explored the city, we made a point of trying every kind of cuisine, from fancy to hole-in-the-wall. In general, the more expensive the establishment, the less glad they were to see us, perhaps because they could sense us counting our centimes. The red-covered Guide Michelin became our Bible, and we decided that we preferred the restaurants rated with two crossed forks, which stood for medium quality and expense.















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