Suzando’s Travel Tips, vol. 1

Some of our travel tips…since we're currently traveling – they are fresh! Tips in this installment: Breakfast Included, Backpacks & Airport Transfers


Breakfast Included

During this trip, we booked accommodations that included breakfast. While it wasn't a deal breaker if they didn't include breakfast, all the ones we booked (minus the studio apt. in Rio) all included breakfast. It is great because you are in a new city, and don't have to scrounge for food first thing in the morning. Another reason is that it gets you up and adam! Our breakfasts were at 6-9:30 am or 7-10 am, so it gets you up!

Breakfast included is always a great perk! This one was at Terra Andina Hotel in Cusco

Bring a Backpack

I always bring a backpack as my “personal item” on the airplane. They are versatile and can hold lots of stuff. We aren't “Backpackers” but having a backpack was crucial this trip to hold essentials, food, water… Fernando traveled with only his backpack this trip. We used his backpack as our day pack for our day trip to Machu Picchu.

We unloaded all unessentials in our rolling carry-on and just took our backpacks to Ollantaytambo and then to Machu Picchu.

Airport Transfer

Whenever possible, arrange for your hotel to send someone to pick you up. We got pick up service in Cusco and Lima from the airport. This is so nice as someone is waiting for you when you arrive in the new city, and you don't have to haggle or worry that you are getting ripped off or otherwise. In Lima, there were a lot of shady characters waiting for folks in the International Terminal. They just come up to you and say “taxi, taxi?” We got to avoid all that. Sometimes it is included by your hotel, or you might have to pay. In Lima, we paid $25 and found it to be worth it.

Checking into our room at Terra Andina in Cusco. They gave us an upgrade to a suite


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