Before Departure

Brunch with James and Holly. They get drinks started early…it’s 9:45 am.

While in Orange, CA the few days before we left, we did mostly errands and hanging out. We got to meet up with cousin James & Holly on their day off in Costa Mesa for a nice brunch and catch up. It was really good to see them to catch up over good food, relaxed (they were without their kids!) and over drinks (at least THEY drank :). We’d love to see them more (plus their cute kids, Hailey & Connor), and need to find ways of making that work.

After that, Fern squeezed in some work and Suzan put on her “get things done hat” and got the smog check for Pebbles (aka our car), picked up the registration sticker at AAA, car wash and interior vacuum. Then picked up Fernando to complete his footwear drama. REI is super nice with a generous return policy, and I dropped Fernando off (he needs to be alone to deal with his footwear drama) and finally (for the moment), re-settled on his original footwear selection of the Vibram Five Finger Minimalist shoes. He’s been getting some chuckles here in Peru on them. Generally he doesn’t like attention, so this is funny.

Benny and cousin, Rex

We spent a lot of time at home with family including my mom, Mama, Tiff & John and others we managed to see while in Orange. These two doggies followed us around a lot – well, mostly right behind Fernando wherever he went, since they recognized him as Alpha. We were very sad to leave Benny behind this time, but are happy he is in good hands with my mom, Mama, and Calvin and Diana. Rex was lonely too since his parents went to Asia, but they got back two days after we left — I think he likes having Benny around.

Lots of To- Do’s!

We were satisfied at our productivity in accomplishing all our to-do’s. It was really nice that we had a week before departure to do stuff and hang out with family. We even managed a stop by Whole Foods market near LAX to pick up some organic mosquito repellant and fancy snacks. That place is overwhelming and impressive, no? Expensive but they’ve got so much stuff.

We got through check-in and security pretty smoothly. We flew LAN Airlines – the plane was fine and had an amazing selection of films (like all the 2013 Oscar films) with your own screen. However, it was a redeye so we didn’t watch a thing. When we fly redeye flights, we always realize what a bad idea it is. Man, those coach seats are not comfortable at all! You get sporadic sleep (if you are lucky) and then are super tired upon arrival. Well, we made it safely and that is what matters.

Now, we are in Peru!

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