Time for some Orange

We arrived in Orange on Wednesday. First we stopped in Tustin to run some errands. Fernando decided against the Five Finger Shoes after all as they didn’t fit him perfectly. He got some Merrells instead.

Then dinner with Mama, Tiff and John at Broddard, a local Vietnamese joint known for their spring rolls.

Today, Mama made me her usual breakfast of Chinese porridge. It’s just rice she cooks with extra water, so it becomes extra soft. Toppings: pieces of chả (Vietnamese pork roll/loaf), pickled turnip,* soy sauce, and then Mama’s cooked peanuts. May sounds funny to some, but this is the breakfast of Chinese Champions! It’s filling. Fern says that is why Mama is so healthy.

Mama’s breakfast of champions (shown sans peanuts)

*She told me my Aunt Florence introduced her to these pickled turnips, when she brought her 2 little jars. Now she buys them by the case load (I think she said she buys 2 cases at a time).They just some in these little jars. It’s really good!

Then laundry time! We brought ALL of our laundry home. I think it will be 6-7 loads when I’m done.

Mama brought this 10 ft pole out for my hang dry laundry. She managed me doing this task during the day.

Fern and I took the dogs on a walk to Anepalco’s for lunch, a local Mexican place known for their red sauce and chillaquilles. They ate really popular on Yelp. Fern was really into the “Anepalco’s Chillaquilles” which had their famous red sauce (their non-spicy version of Salsa Macha).

Next is happy hour with Tiff and John, then dinner back at home!

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