San Diego before we go

We left LA on Saturday, April 13 so that our subletter, Justin could move in. We packed our belongings in trusty old “Pebbles,” my 1999 Toyota Corolla. We stopped by Orange to pick up fruit that my mom wanted to give Fernando’s parents, and for a quick visit with Mama (my grandma).


From there, we drove down to Carlsbad to see Liz and Fred in their cheery and comfy home. Over a few bottles of red wine, we caught up and discussed travel plans and our love for travel. Then, we went to a delicious dinner at Q’ero Restaurant in nearby Encinitas.

It was a fun choice since we will be in Peru the following week. We shared a delightful pitcher of their sangria, which has cornflour in it! After our satisfying entrees and appetizers, we shared the tres leches cake which was just as delectable.

Overstuffed, us fogies went to bed early. This was 1) because we ate and drank too much, and 2) to avoid the fiasco from our last visit when the Scotch came out and some of us had to yak. The next morning we went to brunch alfresco. Thanks for another lovely visit, Makinos!


We are now in San Diego for a few days to visit Fernando’s parents, Elisabeth and Rafael. Fern’s mom made us a wonderful dinner of pork loin, roasted asparagus, and rice. We drank a nice French red she’d been saving. To finish, we indulged in his mom’s famous “cream dessert” which we all love. It has a walnut crust, vanilla custard cream, and whipped cream on top. She “wrote” out Boa Viagem (Bon Voyage) in walnuts. Sweet, huh?

Rafael looks so serious – eating pineapple my mom sent.

A rarity (according to his mom), his dad watched a movie with us after dinner on Netflix. We picked Wasteland, a documentary about a Brazilian artist working with the recyclable materials pickers in the largest dump/landfill in the world (formerly, as it has since closed). Really good stuff.

I usually get overly full of food and wine when I visit Fernando’s parents, but this time I was just on the borderline so I was able to stay awake for the whole film (Fern and I have seen it before, but we knew Fern’s parents would enjoy it).

Today, Fernando’s mom and I went to buy little gifts to take to our Brazilian family. Then, Fern’s brother Mauricio came over for lasagna dinner.

While this post might not be the most interesting read, I am committed to writing more so I can document these little moments. This moment, between traveling, is nice in that we get to spend some time with family before going away for 5 weeks+. Thanks for reading!

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