New Blog, new Adventure

Benny in the middle of our packing to depart Barcelona (Feb 2012)

We created this blog because our old blog, still intact, was all about Barcelona and our lives in Europe. Too specific, no? We need a blog that gives us more flexibility, a more general place to share our adventures and observations.  New blog, new adventure.

Being back in the US for more than a year now (since March 2012), we’ve had itchy feet that need to move.  This time, for a shorter amount of time > just 5 weeks. I know, that seems long for an average 2 week vacations per year. We’re a little different and need more. We’ve pooled our airline points, subleased our apartment for a month, and will be leaving April 21 (actually April 20, redeye) to Peru and Brasil as follows:

Cuzco, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu (5 days)
Lima (1 week)
Rio de Janeiro (2 weeks) – to be spent all on the beach if possible
São Paulo (1.5 weeks) to visit family & meet up with Fern’s parents

We return to Miami on May 27 and might stay there a few days, TBD.

Sadly, no, we are not taking Benny with us to South America. While he does love to travel, the airline restrictions were too tough (we’d have to cargo him) so he will stay here in good hands with my Mom, Brother/Sis-in-Law, and Cousins too.

We are leaving LA next Friday (April 12) so our subletter can move in, and will go visit family in OC and SD for a week. Ready, set, go!

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